Cos. Cut Back Quality of Life Perks

Oct 20, 2003

By George Anderson

A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management has found companies, offering employees the option to telecommute and work flextime schedules, have cut back on these family-friendly

USA Today reports that there are a number of reasons behind the decision by companies to curtail or eliminate such programs.

The tight labor market has meant companies are feeling less compelled to offer such perks as a recruitment and retention tool. With so many out of work, employees are more likely
to settle for plans they perceive as less than ideal because at least they’re receiving a paycheck.

Other companies, looking to boost productivity, believe they went too far in offering these types of programs and it compromised organizational performance.

The high cost of health care costs has meant that companies have had to cut back in the area of “non-essential benefits.”

Moderator’s Comment: What impact does the decision to reduce or eliminate so-called family friendly benefits have on employee and organizational performance?

Companies may be totally justified by the bottom line in making these types of decisions and the current employment picture gives many a pass of sorts.
We doubt, however, that will help them retain unhappy employees when the job market opens up again.
Anderson – Moderator

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