FDA to Regulate Tobacco if Bill Passes

Jun 18, 2002

According to a report on the NAC’s site (cstorecentral.com), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would be given the authority to regulate tobacco products under legislation introduced by Democratic Senators Kennedy, DeWine and Durbin.

In essence, the bill would overturn the Supreme Court ruling two years ago that held that the FDA had overstepped its authority in 1996 when it issued regulations for tobacco products.

Most significantly for retailers, the bill would give FDA the power to limit the sale of cigarettes to face-to-face transactions in which the age of the purchaser can be verified by identification. In addition, it carries sweeping language giving FDA the power to prevent tobacco industry advertising “designed to appeal to children wherever it will be seen by children,” says Senator Kennedy, who expects companion legislation to be introduced in the House soon.

Moderator Comment: Should the FDA be responsible for regulating tobacco
products? What do you think would happen if the FDA were given this authority?

Only if we want to make tobacco illegal.

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