Handheld Watermelons

Jul 08, 2003

By George Anderson

Families are smaller and more mobile than ever before and so are the watermelons
they eat.

Smaller, personal-sized watermelons, are proving to be a big hit with consumers
who prefer to purchase a six pound mini-melon for $3.99 than buy a 15-pounder
for a dollar or two more.

Gary Koppenjan, spokesman, Seminis Seeds, producer of the “Bambino,” watermelon
told the Associated Press, “It’s the perfect melon for today’s smaller families.
Otherwise, they’d eat half of it (a regular watermelon) and throw away the other
half. We chose a size that was easy to handle, an individual melon that can
feed one or two people.”

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on mini
watermelons? How will produce departments change to meet the demographic and
lifestyle changes taking place?

A Safeway in Phoenix sold out of its stock of 72 mini
PureHeart watermelons in about two days, according to the AP report. Apparently
there wasn’t much concern on the part of consumers as to whether they were
genetically modified to be that small.
Anderson – Moderator

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