If You’ve Got Milk, Drink It

Jan 07, 2003

By George Anderson

Calcium is a necessity for building strong bones and maintaining optimum health. Many people, however, are failing to get enough of the essential nutrient, reports The New York Times.

Calcium intake, primarily by drinking milk, is especially vital during childhood. Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have concluded, “Adult women who consumed less than a glass of milk a day during childhood had flimsier bones and a twofold greater risk of fractures than those who consumed a glass of milk or more each day as they were growing up.”

Moderator’s Comment: Two Questions–

  1. Why are so many consumers failing to meet their
    dietary needs for calcium?

  2. What strategies/tactics can retailers use to bridge
    this gap?

With all the research done on the subject, it seems implausible
that most Americans are not aware of the need for calcium.

Anderson – Moderator

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