Influential 10 Percent Prefer Surfing

Jul 23, 2003

By George Anderson

The 10 percent of people who influence the behavior of the other ninety-percent
prefer to get their information on the Web, according to a RoperASW and WashingtonPost/Newsweek
Interactive study.

“Influentials,” as defined by RoperASW, represent about 20 million people in
the U.S. Their average income is $55,000 and 80% have some degree of higher

Influentials’ use of the Internet is higher than the general population in
a number of ways.

  • Seventy-seven percent have Internet access

  • One-third have a broadband connection

  • Fifty-nine percent spend an hour or more each day online.

  • Ninety-five percent go online at least once a day

  • Fifty-six percent suggest Web marketing as a means to reach them.

Jon Berry, vice president and senior research director, RoperASW told Ad
“The Internet has become part of the core media to Influentials. It
is a fact of life, and for companies that want to engage with Influentials,
they have to consider the Internet. … It’s like breathing air.”

Moderator’s Comment: How effectively are consumer and
retail marketers using the Internet to reach key decision-makers such as RoperASW’s
Anderson – Moderator

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