Lawyers Looking To Fry Burger Chains Over Fat

May 08, 2003

By George Anderson

A Reuters report says the burger chains can expect to fend off more lawsuits about their products’ role in the growing obesity rate in the US.

Litigants are now suggesting that the food processing methods used by McDonald’s, Burger King and others are causing consumers to become addicted. An article in New Scientist magazine, reportedly, suggests that some fast foods high in fat and sugar may cause chemical changes in the brain.

Moderator’s Comment: How should the food industry respond
to genuine concerns about obesity and frivolous obesity lawsuits?

We agree with McDonald’s. “Weight issues are all about
the totality of an individual’s daily choices about exercise, sedentary lifestyle,
diet and everything else involved in personal decision making.”

The answers to the obesity epidemic are not going to be
found in a courtroom. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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