Leaping Salmon Rescued by Threshers

Jul 15, 2003

By Bernice

Leaping Salmon (a UK company) was devised to sell meal solutions to people
who enjoy cooking but don’t have a lot of time to shop and prepare. All the
preparation was done and each ingredient packed into a small container ready
for use. Instructions were printed on an illustrated card so that you could
see what the finished dish looked like.

Customers could buy a single dish or a three-course meal. Menus and dishes
were devised by professional chefs, only fresh ingredients used and everything
spelled out to make it as simple but as impressive and delicious as possible.

For the first few years, Leaping Salmon meals were only available to those
who placed orders by telephone or Internet and were willing to accept delivery
at home or at work. Later, small shops began appearing in train stations so
commuters could pick up dinner on their way home. A few upmarket food halls,
such as Selfridges, also had a fridge full.

Sadly, the company was not profitable. But High Street drinks retailer, Threshers,
has come to the rescue with a solution that should suit both companies. Threshers
is trying to fight the supermarkets to get customers through their door to buy
a selection of wine that they are trying to market as high quality rather than
cheap plonk. They have also started targeting young, single professionals with
a keen interest in what they are drinking. What more perfect combination could
there be than good wine and good food, especially when the latter looks and
tastes great and home-cooked but only takes minutes for the least skilful chef
to put together?

Moderator’s Comment: What retailers here or abroad
have done the most innovative work in upscale meal solutions? Is it possible
to make money on approaches such as that employed by Leaping Salmon in England?

Anderson – Moderator

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