Loyalty Programs and POS Top Retailers Priorities

Jun 26, 2002

Thirty-seven percent of survey respondents consider customer loyalty programs to be among their top priorities this year, according to Supermarket News’ eighth Annual State of the Industry Report on Supermarket Technology. That priority is tied with point-of-sale systems.

“Survey respondents have recognized an opportunity to excel at something that Wal-Mart lacks: programs that collect purchase data on shoppers and develop targeted offers and make shoppers feel appreciated and keep them coming back,” reports Supermarket News.

The report also indicates less interest in business-to-business e-commerce systems this year, with CPFR at the bottom of the list.

Moderator Comment: Will Wal-Mart ever use a loyalty-card
program? Is the use of information technology the key for retailers trying to
compete with Wal-Mart?

No and no. Retailers that really want to compete with
Wal-Mart need to create organizations with better people-persons. Service, selection,
higher quality and convenience are sustainable differences retailers can create.
If they try to match resources (IT or financial with price competition) then
these retailers will continue to suffer the fate that has ruined so many others.
Anderson – Moderator

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