Nothing’s Made in America

Aug 22, 2003

By George Anderson

An Industry Week article asks if the ‘Made in America’ label still matters
to consumers.

The piece points out that even Wal-Mart, the poster company of American retailing,
has grown largely as the result of selling goods produced in countries outside
the United States.

Jim Altfeld, a strategic-planning consultant, told Industry Week, “Wal-Mart
sells Chinese goods and tons of it and people buy it because it’s cheap. If
I can get something for $5 less and I have four kids, that’s where I’m going.
With the consumer, it is strictly price, and they’re not going to pay more if
it’s an American-made good. They don’t care.”  

Moderator’s Comment: Does ‘Made in America’ mean anything
to American consumers?

Consumers will tell you it does. Actual purchases suggest
it doesn’t.
Anderson – Moderator

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