Self-Service Better Than No Service

Apr 21, 2004

By George Anderson

A column by Amy Culbertson in the Star Telegram asks and then answers if the new Shop ‘n’ Scan system being used by Albertsons in the Dallas-Fort Worth market will “leave
us beached on the unpeopled shores of a supermarket where there is no one, anywhere, capable of checking us out or helping us find a product? (Oh, wait a minute, I think I’ve
already been there.)”

Moderator’s Comment: Has the level of customer service in retail, particularly supermarkets, gotten so bad that even
the technologically phobic will prefer to do it themselves (scanning, bagging, etc.) rather than deal with store employees?

Once again we rely on the wisdom of Billy Preston. “Nothin’ from nothin’, leaves nothin’.” George
Anderson – Moderator

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