Aug 07, 2003

By George Anderson

Senior citizens are in big demand by retailers and other service companies looking to fill positions previously hired out to teenagers.

Renee Ward, founder of the Seniors4Hire job board says workers in the 50-years and up age group are attractive to employers because they have flexible schedules for work, experience and "the soft skills necessary for successful participation in the workplace."

The pool of older Americans available for work continues to grow as the population ages.

Ms. Ward says, “Some seniors prefer to continue to use their skills acquired in the workplace past retirement age. Current trends in social security eligibility, reduced cost-of-living increase and retirement plan challenges have forced many older Americans to re-enter the workforce.”

Moderator’s Comment: Will an older store workforce have any affect on the shopping experience for consumers?

We’re continually amazed at how much faster fifty-something associates move than teenagers working in the same store.

Older Workers Please Apply Says – PRNewswire

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