SuperEgg to the Rescue

Oct 10, 2002

By George Anderson

The British Egg Information Service wants consumers to eat an egg a day and it has come up with a novel means to seek to influence behavior.

According to The Telegraph, a prototype egg container has been designed that holds seven eggs – not six and not a dozen – with a day of the week marked on each shell to remind consumers which egg to prepare.

The article lauds eggs as “one of nature’s superfoods”. It contends that health concerns about egg consumption are either unproven or overdone. Among the many nutritional goodies found in eggs include Omega 3 essential fatty acids, lecithin, selenium, iron, vitamins B and D.

Moderator’s Comment: Do value-added eggs such as those
marketed as being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids offer a real opportunity to grow
the category?

High protein diets are certainly popular and so-called
Omega 3 eggs appear a good means to get many of the benefits of fish consumption
without the preparation concerns. After all, (with the possible exception of
the Lent period) most Americans think of seafood preparation as opening a pouch
or can of tuna.

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