Target Tells Employees To Dress For Success

Jul 15, 2004

By George Anderson

Target prefers employees at its headquarters in Minneapolis wear suits, ties and generally more formal business attire. That’s why the company is doing away with its full-time business casual dress code.

Beginning September 7, the 5,000 employees who work at Target’s HQ will be allowed to go “business casual” only on Fridays.

According to a report by the Star-Tribune, “The new Monday-through-Thursday rules include a requirement that men wear a sport coat and/or tie if they leave their usual work area. They must wear a pressed-collar shirt and tie with any sweater. For women, sweater sets or ‘dressy’ sweaters are among the acceptable attire. They must wear a jacket over any sleeveless blouses.”

Workers not conforming to the dress code may be sent home and frequent violators could be dismissed, according to the report.

Not everyone is pleased with the changes.

An unidentified Target employee said, “You gain weight. You lose weight. You change seasons. That’s a lot of clothes to buy.”

Moderator’s Comment: Is workplace performance affected, positively or negatively, by the clothes employees wear? What
are your thoughts on Target’s return to a formal business dress code Monday through Thursday?

Is it us or is the timing of this announcement just a bit strange?

Target has sold off one of its department store businesses (Marshall Field’s), is looking to unload the other (Mervyn’s) and now it wants its headquarters
(male) employees to wear jackets and ties? Last we looked, Target’s discount stores weren’t selling those items.

George Anderson – Moderator

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