Test Kitchens Seek Convenience for People on the Go

Mar 19, 2002

Twenty percent of all meals are now consumed in a car, according to The NPD Group, a research firm that tracks the way we eat. Today, about 47 percent of food expenditures are made on food away from home. We’ve become a fast-food nation that has a big craving for convenience.

The test-kitchens at several food companies are thinking about food that could be eaten with one hand while surfing the Web. That may sound a little extreme until you consider that 65 percent of 10- to 13-year-olds who surf the Web daily say they eat when they’re online. The growing number of computer workers also has food companies thinking about foods that don’t spill, drip or stick to the fingers.

Moderator Comment: What is the next big idea in convenience?

The auto makers are going to have to come up with cars
that drive themselves to free us up to eat, use our PCs and speak hands-free
on our cell phones. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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