The High Cost of Spam

Jul 28, 2003

By George Anderson

The cost of spam to business is high and growing by the day. According to Nucleus Research, the cost of spam to the US economy averages out to $874 a year for every office worker with e-mail.

Rebecca Wettemann, research director, Nucleus Research told The New York Times, “Spam is one of those areas where we see a severe impact on productivity. The average worker receives 13.3 spam messages a day, which takes six and a half minutes to process. Do the math and that comes to 1.4 percent of their productive time.”

Moderator’s Comment: How big an issue is spam, in terms
of lost productivity, in the day-to-day activities of your business life? What’s
the answer to the spam dilemma?

The easiest reply is to say let the government do something
about spammers. As many of us have learned after enrolling on the do not call
list, however, the passage of legislation and compliance are not the same thing.
Anderson – Moderator

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