The Incredible Self-Destructing DVD

Sep 09, 2003

By George Anderson

It’s like a scene out of Mission Impossible. “You have 48 hours before this DVD self-destructs.”

Walt Disney Co. is testing disposable, self-destructing videos that will allow consumers to bring home a movie and then toss it in the trash rather than returning it to a video
rental store.

Disney is conducting a four-city test of the DVDs in convenience stores, drug stores and other outlets, according to Reuters. Toys R Us, Phillips 66, Circle K and Walgreens
are among the stores that will carry the new EZD’s as they are known in the Austin, Texas; Peoria/Bloomington, Illinois; Charleston, South Carolina; and Kansas City, Missouri

Moderator’s Comment: What are your thoughts on Disney’s E-ZD test?

Seven dollars is more than we’d pay for a two-day video rental. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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