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Aug 07, 2003

By George Anderson

According to a Pioneer Press report, the United Food and Commercials Workers Union (UFCW) wants to organize associates at Target.

The labor union has launched a Web site – targetunion.org – for employees of Target to discuss workplace issues and receive information on the UFCW and its activities.

Bernie Hesse, an organizer for UFCW’s Local 789 in Minneapolis said, “We hope it (the new Web site) becomes the beginning phase of an organizing committee.’

According to Mr. Hesse, Local 789 has been receiving phone calls and e-mails from Target employees in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The workers are said to be complaining about Target cutting differential pay, hours and other benefits.

Target, for its part, does not seem concerned about the UFCW’s activities. Target spokesperson, Carolyn Brookter, said, “It has had very little effect or impact. We are not paying a whole lot of attention to it. We will continue business as usual.”

Moderator’s Comment: How must (or should) labor unions change to meet the needs of their members and work more successfully with employers?

If we were a member of the UFCW, we would wonder why the union keeps spending money trying to organize employees in companies such as Target that are among
the least likely to want representation.

Labor targets Target – Pioneer Press

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