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Walmart Launches Month Long Walmart+ Giveaway to Celebrate New Moms in time for Mother’s Day


Walmart has announced its “Mother of All Savings Memberships” campaign for new moms, giving away up to 20,000 one-year Walmart+ memberships, which are worth nearly $2 million in total.

The memberships, which include benefits such as free delivery, video streaming, and member savings on fuel, will be distributed to moms who give birth in hospitals nationwide during May. The membership giveaway is in conjunction with Pampers Hospital Gift Program, and each gift bag for patients who have recently delivered a baby will include a free one-year Walmart+ membership while supplies last.

In addition, Walmart is bringing together a group of celebrity moms, including Cardi B and Jenny Slate, to share their ultimate hacks for motherhood and how Walmart+ fits into their lives.