CNS Stifles Snores with New Throat Spray

Mar 27, 2002

More than 85 million Americans snore. Common causes of snoring include nasal breathing difficulties or loose, vibrating throat tissues — or a combination of these factors. CNS, Inc., has developed Breathe Right® Snore Relief(TM) throat spray, a drug-free remedy to its product line in order to provide relief for both types of snorers. The Snore Relief throat spray contains a blend of natural oils that lubricates and smoothes throats, while a natural astringent firms loose tissues to reduce the vibrations that cause snoring. The new throat spray will be shipped to retailers beginning in July and sold through supermarkets, drugstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.

Moderator Comment: With the reported prevalence of
sleep disorders in today’s society, should retailers manage the various GM/HBC
products that address snoring, sleeplessness, etc. as a single category?

  • Chamomile tea – check.
  • Melatonin tablets – check.
  • Nose strips – check.
  • Throat spray – check.
  • Special pillow for a better night’s rest – check.
  • Soothing natural sounds CD – check.
  • Eye mask – check.
  • Alarm clock set – check.
  • Lights out – check.

Anderson – Moderator

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