Consumers Cautiously Warm up to Irradiated Beef

Mar 04, 2002

Sixty percent of participating consumers were willing to purchase irradiated beef burgers or ground beef if they cost the same as non-irradiated, according to a survey conducted by at Kansas State University (KSU). Older consumers, families with children under 18 at home and people with at least a college education were among those who said they were willing to buy irradiated meat.

Although consumers are largely leaning towards accepting irradiation of meat products, they are still cautious in their attitudes, according to an article on a recent survey that appeared in the most recent KSU Food Safety Consortium newsletter. At least some consumer apprehension boils down to the terminology irradiation and lack of knowledge regarding the process, said Michael Boland, a Food Safety Consortium and associate professor of agricultural economics.

Moderator Comment: Have the events of the past year
played a part in consumers’ views on irradiation?

Many things have changed since last September. The mail
delivered to our doors became a cause for concern. Attendees to big events now
have to be safety conscious when once all they thought about was having a good
time. Where we travel; what religious services we attend, what we eat and drink
are all considerations for a nation on alert and at war. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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