Dell Sells Dudewear

May 15, 2002

Dell Computer Corp. is selling T-shirts, caps, backpacks and other products centered on its “Dude, You’re Gettin’ a Dell” television commercials, reports the Associated Press via the Dallas Morning News. “Dude Gear” is available at Dell’s Web site beginning today.

“We set out with a goal of making Dell more approachable for consumers and the response has been awesome,” says Kurt Kirsch, director of new business development for Dell’s Consumer Group. The commercials, particularly popular with younger customers, have helped grow Dell’s consumer business.

Moderator Comment: Could Dell’s emphasis on its “Dude”
campaign and Steven character result in the company taking its eye off the consumer
satisfaction ball?

You may have heard the adage that the worst thing that
can happen to a bad product is great advertising. That isn’t the case (at least
not yet) with Dell Computer, a company that built its reputation on operating
efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Recent anecdotal reports suggest that in its bid to double
its size, the computer manufacturer may be receiving a greater number of complaints
from consumers. Let’s hope for Dell consumers that “Dude, You’re Gettin’ a Dell”
doesn’t become “Sorry Dude. You’re Not Really Gettin’ a Dell, Are You?”

There may turn out to be a lesson here for brands and
private label. A brand is a promise. Break the promise, whatever it may be (quality,
value, etc.), and you lose the trust of consumers. Lose the trust of consumers
and you’ve lost. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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