Fossil, Microsoft Connect on Dick Tracy Watch

Jun 16, 2003

By George Anderson

The Dallas Morning News reported last week Fossil, a designer and marketer of watches, is introducing a wristwatch targeted to men that not only tells time but will display news headlines, weather and instant messages.

The technology used in the watch was developed by Microsoft as part of its Smart Personal Objects (SPOT) program.

Donald Brewer, vice president of technology, Fossil said, “I really believe we’re about ready to see the evolution to, if you will, the Dick Tracy watch. Time is the most important piece of information. But there’s other information that’s important to you.”

Fossil is also introducing a wristwatch that operates on the Palm OS and offers the same functions as larger personal digital assistants.

“Millions of people have Palms, and they want them all the time. But the handheld, as it stands, fits in your hand, not in your pocket,” Mr. Brewer said.

Moderator’s Comment: How will further miniaturization
of microchip technology impact consumers’ and businesses’ use of computing and
communication devices?

Futurists and technology evangelists have been heralding
the remarkable possibilities of computer-wear for quite some time now.

Having recently moved on to the reading glasses stage
of life, we can’t say we’re terribly enthused about the prospect of reading
messages on a surface the size of a wristwatch face. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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