Gap Targets Boomers, Passes on Teens

Aug 09, 2002

The Gap has finally admitted that it has done a terrible job of marketing to the 18 – 24 consumer demographic. That is why it is not targeting those consumers anymore. The chain has decided to shift its focus back to the baby boomers that made the business into an international retailing brand.

Kyle Andrew, vice president of Gap Marketing, told Women’s Wear Daily, “We understand we’ve alienated teenagers (but) we want to go after people who knew us and loved us.”

To bring back its prodigal shoppers, the clothing retailer is launching a multi-million dollar global marketing campaign with the tagline, “For Every Generation, Gap”. The integrated effort will feature 50 personalities including Jakob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Natalie Imbruglia, Kris Kristofferson, Sissy Spacek, Christian Slater, Bill Paxton, and Wayne Gretzky.

Moderator’s Comment: Will Gap’s new marketing campaign
help it recapture shoppers that have taken their business elsewhere over the
past few years?

It is going to be a tough uphill battle for The Gap in
uncertain economic times. After all, the chain will be competing with an $11
jean that Consumer Reports rates as the best fitting on the market (Faded
Glory brand available in Wal-Mart).

We do have to admit, however, looking forward to hearing
Ryan Adams sing his version of “Move It on Over” (Hank Williams). We also want
to see the spot with Marianne Faithfull (yes, she is still living) performing
the Staples Singers’ mega-hit from our childhood, “I’ll Take You There”. [George
Anderson – Moderator

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