P&G to Change Sunny D Label

Jul 11, 2002

Reuters reports that Procter & Gamble is changing the label of Sunny Delight. Product labels will now describe the drink as “orange-flavored citrus punch and other natural flavors” instead of “real fruit beverage.”

P&G agreed to change the Sunny Delight label after the Florida Department of Citrus and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer health nonprofit group, made claims that Sunny D’s labeling was deceptive.

Bob Crawford, executive director of the state citrus department applauded P&G’s actions calling it “a significant and important step in bringing clarity to the Sunny Delight label.” Mr. Crawford added, “I hope that other dilute juice producers will act as responsibly as Procter & Gamble.”

Suzette Middleton of P&G says the company agreed to the changes even though the old label was legally accurate. “We value our relationship with the Florida Department of Citrus and if the changes make it clearer, then the consumer wins.”

Moderator Comment: Will Sunny Delight’s new labeling have any affect on the brand’s performance?

None – Consumers are much smarter than the CSPI and Florida Citrus folks are giving them credit for. Those that bought the product before will continue to do so. Folks that are philosophically in step with CSPI weren’t buying Sunny Delight before and they won’t start now. Kudos go out to P&G for taking a non-issue in the minds of most people and turning it into a positive public relations event for the company. [George Anderson – Moderator]

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