PETA Gets It Their Way Except at Safeway

Apr 12, 2002

As PETA has allied itself with one-time enemy, Burger King, to help promote the fast-food chain’s veggie burger, Safeway may find itself a renewed target for animal welfare actions.

Back in February, PETA called for a boycott against Safeway. This action stemmed from a refusal by the supermarket chain to match animal welfare standards developed by PETA. McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are currently complying, having given in to PETA pressure.

The PETA website includes a rebuke of Safeway in the form of According to, Safeway has not seen to it that its meat processors adhere to federal laws governing the treatment of animals before slaughter.

The web site calls for a consumer boycott of Safeway and its subsidiaries (Vons, Dominick’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Genuardi’s, Carrs, Pavilions) in response to the company’s refusal to ensure that animals killed for its stores are not abused. The site states that as a corporation with approximately 1,800 stores, its own milk, ice cream, and meatpacking plants, and $30 billion in sales last year, it could easily dictate the actions of its suppliers.

Moderator Comment: Do retailers have the responsibility
to police their vendors manufacturing and labor practices?

Where one group (PETA) sees Safeway (Shameway per PETA)
as the great satan, many others see a good neighbor and an enterprise concerned
with the welfare of the community and the improvement of the lives of many.

FYI – Safeway contributes $82 million to worthy causes.

$20 Million to Education,

$50 Million to Food Banks,

$3 Million to Easter Seals,

$2 Million to Workplace Giving

$7 Million to Neighborhood Giving.

[George Anderson – Moderator]

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