Red Wine Fools Prostate Cancer

Jul 12, 2002

The latest research from Spain shows that red wine can help fight the onset of prostate cancer. In laboratory tests, scientists at Getafe University in Madrid discovered that the antioxidant polyphenols found in red wine were able to block the multiplication of cancer cells by tricking them into self-destruction or apoptosis, reports

The Madrid-based researchers added varying amounts of the five antioxidants found in red wine to prostate cancer cells in a Petri dish. They discovered that all five compounds were able to generate apoptosis in the cancer cells after just 24 hours. Dr. I. Romero and his team say that while their findings were based only on in vitro tests, they could help to explain why the incidence of prostate cancer in Mediterranean countries (with a high red wine intake) was lower than elsewhere in Europe or in the U.S.

“The Mediterranean diet is considered to be protective against the endocrine cancers (including prostate cancer), and features a low animal-fat and meat content, with a high intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta and wine,” says Dr. Romero.

Moderator Comment: Two Questions:

  1. Does the good health news about wine translate into faster sales growth for the category?

  2. What should retailers be doing to maximize the good press that wine has been receiving?

We can see the new products rolling off the assembly line. Next year’s hot-seller will be a full-bodied red wine with saw palmetto in it. Of course, there will also be that Viagra/Gallo co-marketing event. [George Anderson – Moderator]

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