Retailers Due for Technology Overhaul

Feb 25, 2003

By George Anderson

Says the Dallas Morning News.

Tom Litchford, marketing director for Microsoft’s retail and hospitality group, told the Dallas Morning News, “This stuff is not like PCs, where you have a refresh every three years. This hardware’s just now wearing out after about 10 years.”

“We’re in a major, major refresh in retail.”

Austen Mulinder, chief executive officer, Fujitsu Transaction Solutions says there is a bottom line explanation for retailers to invest in new technology.

“When you look at the cost of maintaining your old stuff against the cost of this new generation of hardware, it’s a very easy decision,” he said.

Tom Juliano, senior vice president, Fujitsu added, “Last year was a year of projects and evaluations (for retailers). That’s behind us. This is a year of rollouts.”

Moderator’s Comment: Will there be a marked increase
in technology investments made by retailers in the year ahead? Where do you
expect to see retailers putting their technology investment dollars?

Self-checkout use continues to grow and interest appears
to be building for the use of wireless technology.[George
Anderson – Moderator

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