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Update: A tentative agreement has been reached.

UPS trucks do not have air conditioning and temperatures in the back of trucks can reach 140 degrees, according to the Teamsters. The union is calling on UPS to air-condition its fleet of trucks and to provide drivers with more water and ice. UPS has offered to add more fans to trucks and put air conditioning in about two percent of its vehicles.

ups strike 2023

Things are heating up for UPS and their Teamsters union workers, which make up nearly 340,000 employees. The clock is ticking since the end of July is the cut-off date for renewed contracts between the UPS company and its workers.

The UPS strike 2023 is very much possible if both parties don’t agree on a contract, and in the event of a Teamster UPS strike, it would mark one of the largest in US history, not to mention the number of problems that would arise from the already taxed supply chain shortages. 

Additionally, supply chain transparency is needed now more than ever, and companies cannot afford to have another major disruption to their already fragile network.

UPS Employees Bring Awareness to Unsafe Heat Levels

Concerns over the addition of air-conditioning to UPS trucks come after a near-fatal experience of a UPS worker, combined with numerous truck drivers sharing social media posts about the 100+ degree temperatures inside their trucks.

The number one concern is the health and safety of UPS workers, and more water and ice are also being asked for by the Teamster union. Currently, UPS has agreed to only increase AC installation in a mere 2% of their vehicles.

Furthermore, following the safety of UPS employees, product integrity needs to be addressed as well.  With some UPS drivers showing how the back of their trucks can reach as high as 140 degrees, consumers need to bring in the question of safely and properly transporting food and other temperature-sensitive products.

From an outsider’s perspective, this seems like a fair and reasonable request by the Teamster UPS strike, and the UPS company should comply without hesitancy. As things unfold, it appears a different story will play out.

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