Starbucks Serves Up Steeper Prices

Sep 28, 2004

By George Anderson

Beginning on Oct. 6, Starbucks’ customers can expect to pay an average of 11 cents more for their favorite coffee beverage.

McAdams Wright Ragen analyst Dan Geiman told the Seattle Times he sees the price increase as a non-issue. “It’s 11 cents,” he said. “That’s not a huge amount when you’re already paying a few dollars-plus for your beverage.”

In Seattle, at least, Starbucks’ price hike will make it the most expensive place to buy a latte in town — by a nickel.

Moderator’s Comment: Will Starbucks price increase impact its business? At what point will consumers begin to question
whether it makes sense to spend $2.62 for a 12-ounce latte?

In an attempt to improve his family finances, someone we know recently cut out their daily trip to Starbucks. “Three bucks a day adds up,” he said.

George Anderson – Moderator

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